Apollo Smart Hotel App

(Work in Progress)
The Apollo app is designed to be a smart remote and hotel resource for Chariot Hotels. This is a student project where we were tasked to design an app that is relevant and has some form of data visualization. I was given a month to create an app based off a topic that we picked. After picking a smart hotel app and planning it out. I realized how difficult it is to put a large number of controls into an app form without it becoming just buttons and switches. I used Procreate, Illustrator, Sketch, and InVision to create this app. While doing this project we had to get non-designers to do usability testing. After the testing, I found out that most of the icons in the app had to be either redesigned or recreated. The mockup below does not fit properly because of InVision having out of date android phones as frames. The ap was design with the screen size of a Google Pixel 2xl.