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Hello, I’m Michael Gomen



I spent my childhood days living in Colorado and learned early on that time is our most valuable asset we have, and we should try to make the most of it every day. When I am not designing, I make the most of my time. In my eye Design at its core is the art of problem-solving. My favorite problems to solve are with visual communication, making sure the visual tone matches the message.

What I am Looking For

My dream position would be a Graphic Designer or Digital Designer position on a small team for a small agency. This would allow me not to get stuck doing the same thing and motivate me to learn more skills to better the team.

What I Can Do

I have completed the Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design along with a Certificate in Web Technologies.  My accomplishments and curiosity have prepared myself to be able to design everything from web to print. I can also wield a camera to get the right shots for the design.


Graphic Design

After completing an Associates in Graphic Design I have acquired the skill set to give you the design you need.

Web Design

I am able to build websites using HTML5/CSS3 and WordPress. I will make sure to make the site you need that places well with google website test.


Over the past five years, I have taken multiple photography classes and learned a lot on my own. I love to shoot landscape and nature photography

Why am I different

I differentiated myself from other recent graduates by putting in extra time and effort to learn to design for digital applications.  I observed the shift to digital early in my education and planned accordingly. Most college programs still teach an almost completely print based design process and touch very little on design for digital applications.

Need a Freelancer?

If you need a freelancer for anything pertaining to Graphic Design, Web Design, or Photography. Please, reach out to me with the form below and I will get back to you.

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